Friday, 3 May 2013

Rinus Van de Velde / Ellsworth Kelly

Rinus Van de Velde (BE)
Self-portrait as a young Ellsworth Kelly
charcoal on canvas
270 x 360 cm

What you see in this drawing is not me drawing the drawing you are looking at, as you, meta-minded as you probably are, might believe. It is me drawing number 516 of what will be an infinite series of plant studies, a project in which I’m trying to forget the tradition I am part of to enter a realm of pure form. I have surrounded myself with plants and plants only, and I will take care of them until they overgrow me and my language, until there will be nothing but charcoal lines drawn by an automatic hand that doesn’t belong to me anymore. I will live in a world where drawing and nature are the same thing and meta is dead.

Rinus Van de Velde

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