Friday 26 July 2013

René Korten / Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico
The Mocking of Christ
fresco in the convent of San Marco, Florence
187 x 151 cm

When I first saw the frescoes of Fra Angelico in the convent of San Marco in Florence many years ago, they made a big impression on me. Fra Angelico painted a scene of the life of Christ in each of the monk’s cells, enabling the praying monk to envision the scene and contemplate about it in his private space.
Especially this fresco of The Mocking of Christ in cell 7 had an extraordinary impact on me. The painting depicts fragmentary details of Christ's tormentors. The space is rendered with clarity and coherence that accentuates the strangeness of the mocking symbols suspended in air against a brightly colored plane. Christ’s humiliations of spitting, slapping and beating are not shown in their full violence in a complex narrative work, but they are shown as fragments, reduced to a series of symbols. The beautiful color scheme of the fresco and the clarity and complexity of these gestures struck me and had a big influence.
René Korten, 2013

René Korten (NL)
Dub 1, Living Door
acrylic, graphite, charcoal on mdf
120 x 154 cm

Thursday 4 July 2013

Michael de Kok / Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko
No. 14
oil on canvas
290,8 x 268,3 cm
collection SFMOMA

His mature works consist of two or three diffuse rectangles of saturated color. Their effect is one of luminosity and floating in an indefinable space. Rothko often worked on a large scale, seeking to envelop the viewer in an experience of intimacy and spiritual transcendence.

Michael de Kok
oil on linnen
150 x 170 cm