Saturday 20 October 2018

Vera Hilger / Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
Landscape with a boat
ca 1862 
oil on canvas 
38 x 55 cm 

I think, Corot is an artist who can make a painting breathe from air and atmosphere, everything is present. There are these little dots, that seem to have an own logic, they are drifting over the landscapes with a certain spatial distance to them, but they are nevertheless embedded in the hazy light.

It is really a miracle how he manages to let the material do what it does with this strong sensitivity for colors. What attracted me at once when I saw one of his paintings, is the fleetingness of the moment - often wind blows in his works - and his certain intuition for rhythm when he sets the dots over the landscape.

Vera Hilger, 2018

Vera Hilger (DE)
tempera/oil on canvas
180 x 210 cm