Saturday, 6 July 2019

Biene Feld / Hercules Seghers

Hercules Seghers
Mountain Valley with dead pine trees and a city in the back
ca. 1622-1625
Line etching printed on light brown ground
28 x 41,1 cm
British Museum, London

Hercules Seghers 
".... who, on his erroneous journey through rocky ravines, cut through by raging torrents and overhanging high cliffs, between rough, torn gaps and enormous boulders, following in the footsteps of the refugee who has always been cast abroad, writes the story of his sufferings upon the earth." (See Sartor Resartus)
Since the beginning of my studies in Berlin Charlottenburg, where I saw his etchings in the Kupferstichkabinett Berlin, I love Hercules Seghers.

Biene Feld, 2019

Biene Feld (DE)
Überschreitungen E
acrylic, ink, graphite, colored pencil on paper
200 x 150 cm