Saturday 27 April 2019

Steffen Schiemann / Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso
Sitting nude with crossed arms
195 x 130 cm
oil on canvas

PICASSO – He takes a special position in the number of inspirations because he surprised me at a late age. Actually, the name and the work were synonymous with painting and being an artist.
I grew up with it. His constant presence made him unimportant in my daily quest.
One day, however, it's been a while, I stumbled upon a catalog at a flea market. It was one about his late work. And I was so incredibly surprised about his paintings. They were so energetic, so directly reduced without Picassopathos and artificial Kitsch.
I was absolutely fascinated.
Now I saw and understood that his topic was searching and finding over and over again.
So he intervened very lively in my thinking and he remains there as a daily conversation partner.  

Steffen Schiemann, 2019

Steffen Schiemann
150 x110 cm
oil and marker on canvas

Steffen Schiemann (DE)
200 x 140 cm
mixed media collage

Saturday 13 April 2019

Hilde Overbergh / Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler
acrylic on canvas
185,4 x 143,5 cm

Helen Frankenthaler
oil and water based paint on paper
76,2 x 55,9 cm

Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler
Summer Insignia
acrylic on canvas
241,3 x 216,5 cm

Interesting to think about which artists have inspired me. It’s not a question I can answer very clearly, because there are a lot of good artists that have been of great influence.
My top 3:
- Robert Rauschenberg's building of layers upon layers of media, image, history, and material. 
- Elsworth Kelly for emancipating his shapes from their background, and by doing so establishing a new relationship with the wall.
- Helen Frankenthaler's fearless experimenting with new techniques and her approaches to art-making.

Hilde Overbergh, 2019

Hilde Overbergh
exhibition view Galerie Zwart Huis Brussel 

Hilde Overbergh
Bird Cake Topper
oil and acrylic on synthetic fabric
230 x 170 cm

Hilde Overbergh (BE)
Magritte’s “Aircastle” Painted Blue
oil and acrylic and ink on synthetic fabric
210 x 150 cm