Sunday 26 June 2022

Piot Brehmer / Mark Rothko


Mark Rothko

No. 14


oil on canvas

290 x 270 cm



After developing a new technique by accident with acrylic paste I push through a rubber grid, I started a whole new series of colorfield paintings in 2019.

This "Big Red Window“ was one of the first attempts and is still one of my favorite paintings till now. Deeply influenced in the 80s in music and style, my approach was somehow a post punk attitude.

I always thought "hey, this looks like a Rothko on steroids!“, raw, trashy, but with a huge impact. Savage waveforms touching a structured non perfect grid of fully saturated color on matte black velours fabric.

I wasn`t aware at this time, how striking the resemblance to Mark Rothko`s No. 14 really was, cause it wasn´t in my mind during the painting process.

Therefore this is my couple for the blog. Other dead heroes of mine are Newman, Palermo. Motherwell and all time fav Kline.


Piot Brehmer, 2022

Piot Brehmer (DE)

Big Red Window


acrylic on velours

230 x 200 cm