Sunday 22 September 2019

Jacobien de Rooij / Theo Colenbrander - Hendrik Voogd

Theo Colenbrander
Wandbord met gestileerd floraal en vegetatief decor
39,8 cm
De Mesdag Collectie, Den Haag

Hendrik Voogd
Italiaans landschap met parasoldennen
oil on canvas
101,5 x 138,5 cm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

I do have a lot of favorites in art, Giovanni Bellini, James Ensor, Philip Guston, Zurburan, Alice Neel, Vuillard, Stanley Spencer, the master of Moulins, Spilliaert, and so many more. Colenbrander is very inspiring because of his translation from nature to a pattern and Hendrik Voogd’s work, special the Italian landscape is so beautiful and so much loved by a big audience that they even made wallpaper of this specific painting from the Rijksmuseum.
When I have a new work on my mind, it’s in vague outlines. I don’t project anything, there is no detailed plan. I find out what to do while I’m drawing. Until the work is finished, there is always a chance that my attempt will fail.
That is a requisite though: the possibility of failure.
Propositions coming from the use of materials will have to guide my way. My ideas must be translated into dots, lines and smudges that are looking for new perspectives. Cotan, Hodler, Paulus Potter, Munch, Per Kirkeby, I need them all for my work.  

Jacobien de Rooij , 2019

Jacobien de Rooij (NL)
pastel/charcoal on paper
240 x 348 cm

Saturday 7 September 2019

Sigrid van Woudenberg / Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley
SS Cuttlebone
paper pulp, acrylic, wood, bird seed, cuttlebone, jewellery, trestles
185,4 x 269,2 x 111,7 cm

Mike Kelley
acrylic yarn, stuffed animals

From all the artists who are a source of inspiration, I’ve finally chosen Mike Kelley.
I’ve been an admirer of his work since I put the record ‘Dirty’ of Sonic Youth on the turntable. Music is also a very important source of inspiration for me.
When I saw the large ‘The Uncanny’ retrospective in the Stedelijk Museum, the diversity of his work, the combination of tenderness and ‘dirty’ rawness swept me of my feet.
His (sometimes) satirical and disturbing work can make you feel very uncomfortable with familiar materials and seemingly innocent objects.
In my eyes it’s physical, awkward, magical, mysterious and deeply compelling at the same time.

Sigrid van Woudenberg, 2019

Sigrid van Woudenberg
So-called Idylle
siberian chalk on paper
195 x 150 cm

Sigrid van Woudenberg (NL)
Any Given Place
siberian chalk on paper
150 x 195 cm