Saturday 26 August 2023

Judith Krebbekx / Paula Rego

Paula Rego

The dance


acrylic on paper on canvas

213 x 274 cm

Paula Rego

Three blind mice



22,6  x 21,2 cm



In 2007 I visited Lisbon for the first time and there I saw Paula Rego´s paintings. Her artworks slapped me in the face. They were dark, honest and almost terrifying. She dared to make extremely personal art. She literally painted her fears, her angers and grieves.

In my former art education we had been told not to tell stories, for stories were for writers. And there she was, not afraid to tell her story to the world. 

If art, in any form, dares to be about inner thoughts, it transcends the personal and thus can be recognized by anyone, as we all have these thoughts, these fears, that accompany us in our lives and visit us in our dreams. 


Judith Krebbekx, 2023

Judith Krebbekx

Don Juan's reckless daughter


acrylic and charcoal on linen

200 x 180 cm

Judith Krebbekx (NL)

Fool to cry


acrylic and charcoal on linen

100 x 100 cm

Saturday 12 August 2023

Ossip / Many Sources


Lucian Freud

Benefits Supervisor Resting


150 x 161 cm 

oil on canvas

image in catalogue Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien 



I don't have a model artist...before maybe...Paul Klee, Miro, but never with specific work. I am very idiosyncratic and self-taught in that respect....I use all kinds of books, pictures, images...very intuitively chosen. The sources are not preconceived....

In this case, an image of a work by Lucian Freud is the source for a work of my own.


Ossip, 2023

Ossip (NL)



52 × 56 cm

mixed media