Saturday 25 May 2019

Michael Krupp / Sigmar Polke

Sigmar Polke
The Spirits That Lend Strength Are Invisible V (Otter Creek)
silver leaf, Neolithic tools and artificial resin on canvas 
300 x 400 cm
collection SFMOMA, San Francisco

Sigmar Polke was a curious artist. He used to work with unusual materials - colors, pigments, material that he let flow freely on surfaces. As if they acted by themselves… autonomous….
The unexpected, the enigma in his work does not provide or even hint at solutions - they keep the tension between the visible and the spectators individual imagination of the invisible.…
They do lure the spectator towards them and towards their own phantasy in a playful manner. Light….
This openness of thought, association and feeling has always fascinated me.

Michael Krupp, 2019

Michael Krupp (DE)
acrylic paint on canvas
140 x 140 cm

Saturday 11 May 2019

Patricia Spergel / Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn
oil on canvas
234 x 203 cm (92” x 80”)
collection Iris & Gerald B. Cantor Center for the Visual Arts, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Richard Diebenkorn
Berkeley Series #7
oil on canvas
121 x 109 cm (47.75” x 43”)   
collection Kemper Art Museum, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

It was a revelation for me to see my first Richard Diebenkorn painting in person at Stanford University in 1983. I had admired Diebenkorn as a painter and printmaker as an undergraduate student at Cornell University, but I was unprepared for the beauty, scale and aliveness of the brushwork I encountered standing in front of “Window, 1967”. As I progressed with my painting career, I truly began to appreciate the earlier and lesser known work of Diebenkorn. Although I respect the “Ocean Park” series that he did in his later years, I remain most impressed by the Albuquerque and Berkeley series—when he transitions from figurative to abstraction while retaining elements of each in the paintings. He was a master painter and if my work conveys even a fraction of his grace and joy of observation than I will feel satisfied.

Patricia Spergel, 2019

Patricia Spergel           
oil on canvas
41 x 51 cm (16” x 20”)

Patricia Spergel
oil on canvas
76 x 81 cm (30” x 32”)

Patricia Spergel (US)
oil on canvas
46 x 61 cm (18” x 24”)