Sunday 19 November 2023

Lydia Scheurleer / Odilon Redon


Odilon Redon

The Dream


oil on canvas

private collection

Odilon Redon

Roger and Angelica


pastel on paper on canvas

92,7 x 73 cm

Odilon Redon

Trees on a yellow background


oil, tempera, charcoal, pastel on canvas

247 x 173 cm

Musée d’Orsay




"I have always felt the need to copy small, accidental objects from nature. Only after I have gone to great lengths to faithfully reproduce a blade of grass, a branch or an old wall do I suddenly feel that I need to create something from my imagination. This is how nature becomes my source of inspiration."


“Every stroke of the brush, every line drawn, is an invitation into a world of infinite possibilities, where anything can happen”


“To create is to delve into the unknown, to embrace the uncertainty and embrace the chaos. It is this journey that art finds its truest form.”


Odilon Redon



Landscapes that are constantly changing through time, the influence of the weather and the intervention of man, forms the breeding ground for my visual work. The cycle of budding, growth and flowering, decay, dying and sprouting again determines the difference in forms, colours and atmosphere so characteristic of these different stages. This natural process, the rhythm of change, repetition or continuous progression, is also taking place within ourselves, something we tend to forget.


In the last few years my work has been shifting from exploring the visual world outside to the visual world inside as well. The connection between nature and me is a never-ending exploration, as I am part of it.


I feel a similarity between Redon's work and my own. He too often started from an observation of nature.  It is precisely his way of working that creates a dimension beyond reality. The work is ambiguous and has something intangible.


Lydia Scheurleer, 2023

Lydia Scheurleer

High Tide 5


Pen-bé series

handmade print, watercolour, pastel on craftliner

102 x 72 cm

Lydia Scheurleer

De Poel 11


handmade print, marker, acrylic on canvas

30 x 24 cm

Lydia Scheurleer (NL)

'Pulse' Brainscape


handmade print, conté, watercolour on paper

42 x 29,7 cm

Saturday 4 November 2023

Mark Kramer / Gordon Matta-Clark

Gordon Matta-Clark

Office Baroque: photographic documentation_24 Interior view




Wandering through my bookshelves it was hard to choose an artwork. With just as much enthusiasm I could have chosen the work of Jan Schoonhoven, Gunther Eucker or Yves Klein, but the installation Office Baroque (1977) by Gordon Matta-Clark unites all different aspects of my recent work.
I became fascinated by architectural concepts during my studies at the art academy where I was first introduced to the work of Matta-Clark. In addition, I have a great love for archeology and geology, discovering the earth by digging and drilling within a framework, uncovering matter layer by layer. Through perforation, layers appear and disappear. All of this is ultimately brought together in a powerful minimal image. 


Mark Kramer, 2023

Mark Kramer

Platenatlas (1963)


23,5 x 29 cm

perforated atlas, glue, acrylpaint

Mark Kramer

Platenatlas (1963)


Mark Kramer

studiowall 2022

Mark Kramer

Kleine atlas der gehele aarde (1961)


24 x 32 cm

perforated atlas, glue, acrylpaint

Mark Kramer

layers of perforated paper

studio 2022

Mark Kramer (NL)

Kleine atlas der gehele aarde (1963)


work in progress, detail