Sunday 28 August 2022

Toon Laurense / Piet Mondriaan

Piet Mondriaan

Victory Boogie Woogie


127,5 x 127,5 cm

oil paint/tape/paper/charcoal/pencil on canvas (unfinished)



The work of Piet Mondriaan is a strong inspiration to me, based on the amazement for the natural coherence of things and to express this in purely visual terms.

In his work, I recognise the constructive nature with the natural order as its basis, his search for the 'higher', going further and further into the 'depth' in order to express the true feeling of life.

The painting 'Victory Boogie Woogie' is the last painting Mondriaan worked on and which remained unfinished due to his death.

The work reflects his expectation and hope for a swift end to WW2 and the accompanying joy of imminent victory. A work full of rhythm, movement and positive energy, full of hope for better times.

In my recently completed work 'Broken pieces turn to something new', there is also a dancing interplay of separate parts that, like a kind of 'big bang', seek a new coherence and in their lightness express a hope and a desire for a better future. A world in the making.


Toon Laurense, August 2022


Toon Laurense (NL)

Broken pieces turn to something new   


160 x 180 cm       

oil on canvas

Saturday 6 August 2022

Sam Renson / Franz Kline

Franz Kline

1960 New Year Wall, Night


oil on softboard

305 x 488 cm



I will never forget my first-time seeing Franz Kline’s ‘1960 New Year Wall, Night’ whilst in Munich, Germany, as soon as I entered the gallery room I was completely overwhelmed and absorbed by the painting. Taken aback by the scale, consumed by the energy captured in the brush strokes and fascinated with the bold yet simplistic colour palette. I sat in-front of the work for the best part of an hour leaving only to re-entering the space, simply drawn to this magnificent piece. 


Kline one of the great Action Painters emphasised the physical act of painting, transferring energy from the New York Jazz scene into these wonderful works. Kline stating, “I paint not the things I see but the feelings they arouse in me”. It is this transfer of energy which effectively creates a physical engagement with the viewer, and this is what I admire most from Kline. 


Sam Renson, 2022

Sam Renson (UK)



oil on board 

120 x 100 cm