Saturday 24 May 2014

Thomas Muff / Morris Louis

Morris Louis
acrylic on canvas
256,8 x 357,5 cm

The painters of the so-called 'Abstract Expressionism' exerted a huge influence on me. Their generous gestures and formats, their free use of the color have impressed me a lot. Above all it is the spontaneity and the involvement of coincidence, which to this day are very close to me. One of my favorites is certainly Morris Louis. His work is impressing me still.
Thomas Muff, 2014

Thomas Muff (CH)
Landscape without shepherds (J.B.P.RMX)
oil on wood
120 x 150 cm

Saturday 17 May 2014

2. Exhibition Nothing But Good Live

Monday May 12, 2014

At the dismantling of 'Nothing But Good Live' in Park-Platform for Visual Arts in Tilburg: we thank the artists in the exhibition very much for their participation and commitment. It's been a joy!

Saturday 10 May 2014

Koen Vermeule / Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence
The Migration of the Negro, panel 52
tempera on masonite
30,5 x 45,7 cm
The Phillips Collection, Washington DC & Museum of Modern Art, New York

When I first saw the series 'The Migration of the Negro' by Jacob Lawrence, I was deeply touched by this history of African American Americans. Not the strength of realism, but rather that of the imagination makes that these works are forever impressed in my memory.
The series consists of 60 works and seems to symbolize the universal aspiration of people of all races to a better life.
I painted 'Le Depart' in 2011, after I had seen a raft at the edge of the IJsselmeer, probably made for a race or an adventure, ready to leave. Shortly thereafter the thought came over me that many fortune seekers risk their lives in crossing the ocean on such a raft, attempting to escape poverty and misery.
Koen Vermeule, 2014


Koen Vermeule (NL)
Le Depart
oil on canvas
96,3 x 250,4 cm
private collection München

Saturday 3 May 2014

Albert Zwaan / Jean Brusselmans

Jean Brusselmans

oil on canvas
151 x 151 cm 

Brusselmans wants to show no emotion in his art! He has a rational view of reality: the subject is only a reason for him to work out a new composition of lines, colors and patterns.

Albert Zwaan (NL)
Parking Lot
oil on linen
100 x 120 cm