Sunday 24 April 2016

Sam Windett / Edward Burra

Edward Burra
An English Country Scene No 2
watercolour on paper
78,7 x 133,4 cm

I particularly like Edward Burra's later landscape watercolours. They celebrate nature and the English countryside, but they also draw attention to the destructive nature of mankind's quest for progress and perhaps Burra's own poor health and impending death. 
This work is odd and dreamy, with the occasional spectre lurking in a storm cloud. But that dreaminess is not overdone, lorries and diggers and industry keep the imagery rooted to something familiar. He makes rural England seem both welcoming and threatening. 
I find his off-kilter vision and technique peculiar and beautiful. 
Sam Windett, 2016

Sam Windett
Column & Plant
oil on canvas
50 x 35 cm

Sam Windett (UK)
Blue Arrow
oil, house paint and collaged paper on linen
50 x 35 cm

Saturday 16 April 2016

Marina Rheingantz / Alberto da Veiga Guignard

Alberto da Veiga Guignard
Noite de São João
oil on canvas
61 x 46 cm

Marina Rheingantz (BR)
oil on canvas
170 x 210 cm