Saturday, 30 December 2017

Tinka Pittoors / Eva Hesse

Eva Hesse
Seven Poles
resin and fiber-glass, polyethylene, aluminum wire
272 x 240 cm

My first thought for this blog was: Eva Hesse, I have a soft spot for her since long ago. On the Internet I found an image that hit me like a bomb, because I had adored it so much before, and now, after forgetting it for almost 10 years, I rediscovered it, or rather I felt it again. Because it's crazy how such a work has become a piece of your DNA. I had not thought about it for such a long time, but when I saw it now: WOW.
It also reminded me of a recent installation that I made for CCMechelen: Irreligionair ...

Tinka Pittoors, 2017

Tinka Pittoors (BE)
installation, wood, paint, carpet, epoxy, inox, ink
ca 250 x 200 x 250 cm

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