Saturday, 28 November 2015

Har van der Put / Hendrick Goltzius

Hendrick Goltzius
Portrait of Giambologna
crayon, ochre on tinted paper
37 x 30 cm
Teylers Museum Haarlem

To choose an artist from the many great painters who have influenced my work is an impossibility. In fact it would be much easier to make a negative selection...
The paintings of Hendrick Goltzius for example are just not my piece of cake... though I do admire him as a draftsman! 
I've been exclusively painting for the last years but currently I am drawing intensively. 
This portrait depicts the artist Giambologna. It is done precisely and yet full of vivid expression. 
Although my work is going in another direction, for me this drawing of Goltzius remains a beacon of energetic clarity.
Har van der Put, 2015

Har van der Put (NL)
Almost crucified
pencil, ink on graph paper
42 x 30 cm

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