Saturday, 16 January 2016

Marena Seeling / Ambrogio Lorenzetti

Ambrogio Lorenzetti
Castello in Riva a un lago
circa 1348
tempera on panel
22 x 33 cm

A long time ago I saw a small painting by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the National Pinacoteca in Siena. The work titled 'Castello in Riva a un lago' [circa 1348] overwhelmed me, it seemed motionless with a suspicion of an action. A boat in a lake near a castle, cultivated fields and houses. Everything points to the presence of humans, we just do not see them. The work drew me in its flat space, an accumulation of mountainous forms, water and trees.

I stayed a long time looking at the work, a guard gave me a chair so I was at ease. It was quiet in the museum, it was a beautiful day and the people sat on terraces. I bought a postcard of the painting, which is now hanging in my studio for 25 years. For me this painting is a symbol of how a work of art can stimulate your imagination, can achieve a silence in your mind, a silence that can turn into a soft humming, or perhaps an exuberant singing.

Marena Seeling, 2015

Marena Seeling
17 x 23 cm

Marena Seeling (NL)
oil paint on panel
42 x 70 cm

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