Sunday, 25 June 2017

Wladimir Moszowski / Balthus

The Mountain
oil on canvas
248 x 365,8 cm
Metropolitan NY

Wladimir Moszowski (BE)
Partisan's Daughter
oil on canvas
115 x 160 cm

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Joseph Semah / Barnett Newman

Barnett Newman
The Name I
oil paint on canvas
121,9 x 152,4 cm
collection Daros, Zwitserland

HaSheM, in Hebrew 'the Name'.
Religious Jews use the word השם HaSheM for what is unnameable, יהוה YHVH.

I read the work of Barnett Newman, The Name I, from the tradition of the source text, the Hebrew.
Right to left: we see a four-striped canvas, entitled The Name I.
The first line is very thin, the third is thicker, the second and the fourth are identical, and the thickest.
The first line stands for י YUD, the second and the fourth for ה HeH and the third for ו VaV. When we read this, from right to left, we see that Newman has painted the name YAHUVEH YHVH; Tetragrammaton.

Joseph Semah, 2017

Joseph Semah (IL/NL)
The Name השם (HaSheM)
ink, pencil on paper
30 x 21 cm