Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sven Kroner / Dieter Krieg

Dieter Krieg
oil and acrylic on canvas
210 x 150 cm

Sven Kroner (DE)
acrylic on canvas        
150 x 160 cm

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Lieven Decabooter / Frans Hals

Frans Hals
Willem Croes
oil on panel
47,1 x 34 cm

Undoubtedly not one artist in particular, but many of them, have influenced my work.
People who unveil their ‘thinking processes’ in their work, yet do not reveal everything, or those who wield a ‘filmic view’, adore the ‘surreal’ or unashamedly fly the flag of ‘drama’ are most certainly among my favourites.

Content-wise I like the phantasms of David Lynch, but I am just as fond of the unexpressed in Edward Hopper’s paintings; also the strange, filmic point of view of Eric Fischl appeals to me, as do the erotic mind twists in Félicien Rops’ prints. I enjoy the black, surreal humour of the Monty Python gang and the way they can put everything into perspective, but I am equally impressed by the threat of things to come in Alfred Hitchcock’s films...

As far as form is concerned, I love the quick, poignant touch in works by Frans Hals or Willem de Kooning, and Rembrandt van Rijn’s figures, bathing in light, or the fanatically reasoned compositions by Peter Paul Rubens. I admire the intimate force that emanates from Mark Rothko’s paintings, but I am just as easily touched by the dramatism-run-wild of Pina Bausch’s theatrical dance creations...
Lieven Decabooter 2014

Lieven Decabooter (BE)
The beginning of a legend
oil on canvas
150 x 120 cm