Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Gabriëlle van de Laak / Jean Brusselmans

Jean Brusselmans
Vuurtoren te Oostende
oil on canvas
86 x 101 cm
collection Mu.ZEE Oostende

The work of Jean Brusselmans has a disarming simplicity and naive force that always hits me. His paint regions are resolutely and stripped of frills. There speakes innocence, vulnerability and a great sincerity.
Jean Brusselmans took the ordinariness of people and things around him as his subject. They where a means of achieving an essence of the form reduced to geometric patterns. 
A critic once called him an expressionist, what he loathed, for his painting was not a search for emotion; his painting was a search for a way of thinking, he said himself because a paint zone had to remain a paint zone and a line a line.
He built a structure in which each form got its completely natural and convincing place. He said himself: "The composition is essential. It creates the order, gives each character and object a place and arranges the lines of the painting, straight horizontal or oblique. It devides shadow and light and gives each object a character, expression and life of its own"
The rhythm in many of his works is like the rhythm of a peace of music.
Visible is his admiration for folk art. Brusselman says: "Folk art has -in addition to van Gogh, Courbet, van Eyck and the Greek- learned me the most after all."
Gabriëlle van de Laak, 2015

Gabriëlle van de Laak
glass in Meccano
24 x 21 x 13 cm

Gabriëlle van de Laak
Zonder titel
acrylic on cotton
40 x 40 cm

Gabriëlle van de Laak (NL)
mixed media on paper
43 x 61 cm

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