Saturday, 23 May 2020

Peter Morrens / James Castle

James Castle
22 x 26 cm  recto/verso
from : James Castle, Show and Store 
Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid ( 2011)


James Castle, a deaf-mute and unskilled artist from Idaho (USA) made beautiful, intense drawings of his rural surroundings all his life: mostly barns and attics in complex perspectives. He made his drawings with coaldust from his stove mixed with his saliva, mostly on found paper. He often populated the barns with his own drawings and with 'friends', drawn schematic figures.

In a run down barn in Diepenheim (NL) I made the installation 'Lichtwit': three wall-filling trompe-l'oeil's of open drawings, painted directly on the wall: full drawings of blank pages. You could look at the installation through a window in the fourth wall while standing on a small podium. The viewer became an integral part of the work.

The repro's come from catalogs: the place where we had most encounters with works of art in the 20th century. Both choices play with duplicity: Castle's drawings are on both sides of the paper. My drawing is a renewed 'cover' drawing, based on the original in situ installation (2014).

Peter Morrens, 2020

Peter Morrens (BE)
lichtwit, 2014
'ik tel 37 tekeningen, ik had er 52 verwacht'
posture editions no 10, 2014 

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