Saturday, 28 December 2019

Jans Muskee / Tintoretto

Christ Washing The Disciples' Feet
oil on canvas
228 × 533 cm 
Prado, Madrid

It was 1989 when I first saw this painting of Tintoretto. It was on an excursion from the Rijksakademie to the Prado in Madrid.
A revelation.
I made geometrically abstract paintings, delving into the relations of shapes and colour. In this painting I saw a similar investigation, but so rich and varied, and taking place on so many different levels. The artificiality which I was looking for in the abstract, could be seen here in the order of an everyday scene.
Not much was required: a stage, a backcloth, props and some figurants. Ever since that day, I have been making theater out of all I see.

Jans Muskee, 2019

Jans Muskee (NL)
An Early Sunday Morning
oil pastel on paper
195 x 300 cm

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