Saturday, 8 December 2018

Arpaïs Du Bois / Carol Rama

Carol Rama
150 x 100 cm
collage on canvas

Carol Rama
Opera n.11
72 x 46 cm
aquarel on paper

The work of Carol Rama has been of great importance to me, along with the work of Louise Bourgeois and the way she dealt with most personal subjects ànd the work of Nancy Spero whose politically and socially involved work strongly marked me. 
These three grandes dames opened the way for me to explore a visual language that allowed me to express my concerns about the world I live in as well as intimate declarations without borders between the two. 
(I should perhaps add Pierrette Bloch as fourth significant pillar, but for other reasons).
Rama’s exquisite and raw depictions of the human body as well as her delicate though strong abstract work thrill me time and time again, beyond words.
The singularity of her visual language strengthens the universal themes she deals with, may it be erotic scenes or the use of rubber as material for later abstract configurations. 
These themes are recurrent ones in my own work.

Arpaïs Du Bois, 2018

Arpaïs Du Bois
à l’ombre des temps modernes
25 x 18,5 cm
mixed media on paper

Arpaïs Du Bois (BE)
solidarité avec les nuages et les démunis
25 x 18,5 cm
mixed media on paper

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