Sunday, 18 October 2015

Valerie Brennan / Glyn Hughes

Glyn Hughes
Basket Case
oil on canvas
85 x 55 cm

Glyn Hughes was a Welsh artist that came to Cyprus before the Turkish invasion and spent the rest of his life here. On a small island like this his work stood out a mile for me and I was lucky to meet him on a few occasions. Hughes defied all categorization (his painting was in turn abstract, landscape, figurative, erotic) often eschewing style and genre for experimentation and honesty. His paintings are alive and I have always loved the joy and freedom of his work.
Valerie Brennan, 2015

Valerie Brennan (IE/CY)
oil on wood panel

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  1. I know Valerie very well and admire her paintings very much. We exhibited together earlier this year. I also knew Glyn very well and worked with him over a 20 year period. I was lucky enough to paint with him at various locations including his studio, and watched his work in progress. Knowing him informed my own paintings and I will never forget the times I spent with Glyn.