Saturday, 17 January 2015

Damien Meade / All Dead Painters

Hand stencils
Cueva de El Castillo
Cantabria, Spain
c. 35,000 BCE

People die, and things survive them. We look for meaning everywhere, fervently in the things of the dead. But some of these things are constructed in such a way that they seem to activate and respond to our random projections, feeding on them, and swelling into a feedback loop of call and response. Paintings are these things. C.S. Peirce defines an index as a category of sign that maintains a physical tie to its referent. Every painting is indexical, an index of consciousness itself. In work, every painter is like a deaf-mute. So in death, there is no voice lost, but consciousness prevails.
Damien Meade, 2014

Damien Meade (IE/BG)
oil on linen on board
46.5 x 35.5 cm


Damien Meade (IE/BG)
Structure no.2
oil on linen on board
42 x 52 cm

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