Saturday, 27 December 2014

Shaan Syed / Ad Reinhardt

Ad Reinhardt

This may be a really bad quality shot of an Ad Reinhardt painting, but it’s also a brilliantly savy shot of an Ad Reinhardt painting and someone’s hand. Reinhardt’s paintings were never meant to be photographed. He deliberately tried to make his paintings un-photographable. The colour and surface variations were so subtle that even today’s cameras can’t give an accurate representation of what our eyes can see and adjust to when in front of them. I imagine Reinhardt was a prickly character. His paintings were about a focused refusal, just as his political cartoons satirised and revealed the fallacies of certain facets of art world thinking. Whoever decided to put his hand in front of this Reinhardt painting as the picture was being snapped probably understood this very well.
Shaan Syed, 2014

Shaan Syed (CA/UK)
Stage Right (Dark Green Horizontal With Double Swipe)
oil and polyfilla on canvas
212 x 198 cm

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