Saturday, 13 September 2014

Harry Haarsma / Carlo Carrà

Carlo Carrà
Il pino sul mare (A Pine by the Sea)
oil on canvas

Moon and panorama of the insects, 'The Poet Prays to the Virgin for Help.'

I pray to the Divine Mother of God,
Heavenly Queen of all living things,
grant me the pure light of the little animals
who have a single letter in their vocabulary.
Animals without souls. Simple shapes.
Far from the despicable knowledge of the cat.
Far from the fictitious profundity of the owl.
Far from the sculptural wisdom of the horse.
Creatures love without eyes,
with a single sense of rippling infinity,
and who gather themselves together into great heaps
to be eaten up by the birds.
Grant me the single dimension
that little flat animals have
to tell of things covered with earth
beneath the shoe’s hard innocence.
Nobody weeps comprehending
the millions of tiny deaths at the market,
that Chinese multitude of beheaded onions,
that great yellow sun of old flattened fish.

You, Mother, ever terrible, whale of all the skies;
you, Mother, ever the joker, neighbor of the borrowed parsley:
you know I comprehend the world’s tiniest flesh
that I may give it voice.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Harry Haarsma (NL)
newspaper and oil on linen
42 x 58 cm

Harry Haarsma (NL)
newspaper and oil on linen
42 x 58 cm

Harry Haarsma (NL)
newspaper and oil on linen

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