Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lutz Weidler / Donald Evans

Donald Evans
watercolor on paper

Donald Evans in Amsterdam

In the year 2005 - when I was already getting a little bit tired of making big installations and sculptures (transporting, storing and sometimes deconstructing them...) - a friend gave me this book: 'The world of Donald Evans' by Willy Eisenhart.
I had never heard of the artist Donald Evans before. He was an US-American, born in 1945 who came from New York to the Netherlands in the early 70's and died at the age of thirty-one in a fire in Amsterdam. 

His artwork was inventing and painting nearly 4000 very small watercolour-paintings that look like stamps.
I was fascinated by the contrast of his very small equipment and the huge world he has created.
In 2007 I decided to start a series of small sculptures on ground plates 35 cm by 35 cm, a kind of 3-dimensional 'stamps', which led to a new found freedom and I am still working on it, counting about onehundredandfifty now...
Lutz Weidler, 2014

Lutz Weidler
different materials on plywood
35 x 35 cm (each)

Lutz Weidler (DE)
Weltmodelle No. 131, 142, 74 and 148
different materials on plywood
35 x 35 cm (4x)

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