Saturday, 18 January 2014

Willem Sanders / Robert Zünd

Robert Zünd
oil on linen
119 x 158,8 cm 
Kunstmuseum Luzern

On the occasion of a personal exhibition in a gallery in Luzern, Switzerland, I visited the local Museum. Not expecting much I was overthrown by a painting of the "unknown" Robert Zünd.
It was a landscape so wonderfully and masterly done that it really took time to realize it was painted. The point of view and the handling of light was overwhelming. Zünd apparently did only a few of these landscapes without people. Also the seemingly freely chosen point of view struck me.
Through time my involvement in painting comes in various forms and with various meanings.
Landscape among them.
My studio in Northern Italy, the Alta Langhe, is surrounded by woods. They provide linear cuts in a scape or frame, comparable to the calligraphic paintings of Brice Marden, which would enable me to see the landscape as an abstract form. Providing the viewer in the first instant with an ordinary painted landscape in which a closer look would tell you that the main subject is the division of space through lines and light. And detail. Close to abstraction.
An article in the catalogue on Robert Zünd gave me the title “Ideal Real Landscape or Real Ideal Landscape” for a catalogue on my landscapes produced by Peter Foolen Editions in 2012.
Willem Sanders 2013

Willem Sanders (NL/IT)
Altalanghe 12
102 x 66 cm
Courtesy Fondazione Il Fondaco, Bra, Italy

Willem Sanders (NL/IT)
Altalanghe 08
75,5 x 106,5 cm
Private collection, Essen, Germany
(also available as print by Bernard Ruygrok, edition 30/30)

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