Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cecilia Vissers / Walter de Maria

Walter de Maria
The Broken Kilometer
500 brass rods
each rod 200 x 5 cm
Photo: John Abbott
 Courtesy Dia Art Foundation

Two years ago I visited The Broken Kilometer (1979) in New York at 393 West Broadway. Walter de Maria, American sculptor, arranged five hundred highly polished, pure brass rods, according to precise calculations. The total weight of his installation is 18 ¾ tons. To me this is a unique place of solitude and silence, well hidden among endless parades of stores. I like it when art reduces the speed of daily life, a place for contemplation. This is a permanent installation; here some of the most expensive commercial real estate was held aside for a unique experience of art.
Cecilia Vissers, 2013

Cecilia Vissers (NL)
A moment in time
anodized aluminium
two-part, each part 95 x 23 x 1,2 cm
Photo: Peter Cox, Eindhoven

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